About vittles foods ltd

The Pride, Passion & The Team

For over 25 years Vittles Foods highly skilled team has produced a range of hand crafted pre-sliced gateaux, cake and individual desserts for the food service industry from our purpose built BRC approved factory in Leicester where we are ideally situated to deliver products throughout the UK and Europe. We use advanced HACCP and quality systems that enable us to track the product at any stage of it’s production giving customers reassurance that their products will be made to the same high standards every time, yet still retaining the hand made finish.
The Vittles Foods range provides a complete dessert solution across Cheesecake, Coffee Shop Cakes, Gateaux, individual desserts, Tray bakes, Muffins, Pies and continental style flans and tarts. At Vittles we understand the importance of helping you help your customers and with such an excellent team of skilled crafts people we are able to develop bespoke products for your business under your own label or for unique customer menus.
We can also provide you with marketing and promotional support to enable you to become your customers first choice for desserts. The craft skills that were the foundation of the company are still as true today as they were when the company was founded over a quarter of a century ago and our values of product integrity and quality help lift Vittles above our competitors. Vittles has continually worked with the leading food service businesses in the UK to provide menu
solutions for a variety of catering operations from coffee shops, restaurant and hotel groups, public house brands and national and regional wholesalers. Developing products and close ties with our customers has always been the cornerstone of our business, working closely with development chefs and buyers to develop quality products that meet their customer expectations at competitive prices.
Vittles Foods BRC Accreditation

BRC Certificate Grade A