Baked cheesecake in a biscuit crumb base marbled with cherry compot and chocolate cheesecake and topped with cream, decorated with chocolate shavings.
Baked cheesecake marbled with lemon curd. Made using fresh cream cheese, eggs and dairy cream set on a biscuit crumb base.
Baked cheesecake marbled with toffee, made using cream cheese and fresh eggs decorated with pecan nuts.
Baked Cheesecake made from fresh cream cheese, eggs and cream baked and sided with biscuit crumb topped with blackcurrant filling and decorated with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants.

A range of wholesale baked cheesecakes, rich and creamy texture made from the finest of ingredients, eggs, cream cheese and fresh dairy cream.

 Manufactures of cheesecake, Vittles wholesale and distribute a large hand finished range of baked and traditional cheesecake. Formulated to give a rich and smooth eating quality without that “claggy” feel you get with some cheesecakes. Using only fresh ingredients these cheesecakes offer the chef and the food service professional a great cheesecake with long shelf live and value for money. A great many of our cheesecakes are pre-sliced for ease of service and save money through low wastage, so there is no need to de-frost the whole cheesecake, just take out what you need.

Chocolate Temptation Cheesecake
Ref: RR3407 Portions 1 X 14 Pre Sliced
Passion Fruit & White Chocolate Cheesecake
Ref: RR3480 Portions 1 X 14 PSliced
Chocolate Mascarpone Cheesecake
Ref: CMCC Portions 1 X 14 Pre Sliced
Key Lime Pie
Ref:RR3301 Portions 1 X 14 Pre Sliced
Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake
Ref:RR3404 Portions 1 X 12 Pre Sliced
Blackforest Cheesecake
Ref: RR3651 Portions 1 X 14 Pre Sliced
Orange & Cranberry Cheesecake
Ref:RR3410 Portions 1 X 14 pre sliced
Lemon Swirl Cheesecake
Ref:LSCC Portions 1 X 14 pre sliced
Blueberry Baked Cheesecake
Ref:BLUECC Portions 1 X 14 pre sliced
New York Style Cheesecake
Ref: NEWYORK Portions 1 X 14 pre sliced
Toffee Pecan Baked Cheesecake
Ref:PECANTOFFEE Portions 1 X 14 pre sliced
Cherry Ameretti Cheesecake
Ref:1997 Portions 1 X 14 pre sliced
Summer Fruit Cheesecake
Ref:SFCC Portions 1 X 12 pre sliced